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Henning Fuchs is a composer from Germany. As bandleader and lead singer of various bands he started writing songs at the age of 14. Always looking for new styles he crosses borders between jazz, funk, punk, folk, classic, avant-garde and electronics.

His music has been performed on stage with orchestras, ensembles and solo from Russia to Europe (with love).

Studying songwriting & composition at Sir Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (1999-2002) Henning received a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts with Honours, Class I, in Performing Arts (Music) .

2008-2013 he went to the Film University Babelsberg „Konrad Wolf“, receiving a Diploma as „Film Composer“. Together with Vasco Hexel from the Royal College of Music London he initiated an exchange program. While focussing on film music he participated on masterclasses with renowned film composers such as Patrick Doyle, Howard Shore and Michael Giacchino

2012-16 Henning worked closely with Max Richter as his assistant on film, album and dance related projects, including Wayne McGregor’s „Woolf Works“ at the Royal Opera House London, Volker Schlöndorff's "Return to Montauk" or Joe Wrights "Nosedive" (Black Mirror).

Henning also collaborated with artists such as Alexandre Desplat on Wim Winders „Everything will be fine“, Dan Mangan & Jesse Zubot on Peter Chelsom’s „Hector and the search for happiness“ or Karsten Fundal on Ai Weiwei’s „Human Flow“.

2019 saw the light of Henning's solo debut album

A NEW BEGINNING. The release led to a nomination as "Composer of the Year" by the Jury of the German Classic Award "Opus Klassik".

2020 Henning released his second album GAIA – an homage to Mother Earth. Featuring the internationally acclaimed Chinese Erhu Master Guo Gan, Islandic Violinist Elfa Rún Kristinsdottir, Cello player Boram Lie, Flamenco Guitarist Julián Olivares, David Kuckhermann (Percussion) and many more.

2021-2022 Henning scored the tv-series "House of promisses" (Das Haus der Träume) by Sherry Horman and Umut Dag (X Filme Creative Pool). The music, mostly written in style of 1920'/30's jazz, charelston and swing music has been released by BMG on Vinyl and CD.

2023 Henning is working on a new album…

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